Kathy LeRoy
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
16649 Craigmere Dr., Middleburg Heights
Phone: 7406161819
Website: www.2-10.com

Rich Craig
415 Group
4300 Munson St NW, Ste 1, Canton
Phone: 3304920094

Dave Graff
84 Lumber Company
250 Highland Road East, Macedonia
Phone: 3309080481
Website: www.84lumber.com

Virgil Scott
A & L Heating & Cooling
916 Lawrence Road NE, Canton
Phone: 3304563011

Michael Kazes
A A Executive Catering
5211 W Tuscarawas St, Canton
Phone: 3304778588
Email: mkazes@onestepcatering.com
Website: www.aaexecutivecatering.com

Michael Abbott
Abbott Electric Inc
1935 Allen Ave SE, Canton
Phone: 3304526601

Joseph Laure, III
Accent Home Improvement Inc.
2501 Quality Drive, Suite 10, Alliance
Phone: 3302062837

David J LeHotan
All Construction Services/Mooney & Moses
945 Industrial Parkway N, Brunswick
Phone: 8002209383
Email: dlehotan@installed.net
Website: www.IBPteam.com

Dennis Stuhldreher
Allied Building Products
2234 South Arlington Rd, Akron
Phone: 3306224173

Scott Hastings
Alpha Land Title Agency Inc
4775 Munson St NW, Canton
Phone: 3304902910

Steven Yoder
Alpine Builders
8160 TR 662, Dundee
Phone: 3308444087

Ken Renicker
Alside Exterior Building Products
8045 B Navarre Rd SW, Massillon
Phone: 3308305566
Email: Krenicker@alside.com
Website: www.alside.com

Ray Yoder Jr.
AmCraft Cabinetry
9035 Senff Rd, Dundee
Phone: 3306008783

Jim Miller
American Electric Power
P O Box 24400, Canton
Phone: 3304387755

Kathy Rainieri
American Title Associates Agency Inc.
220 Market Ave S, Suite 970, Canton
Phone: 3304568900
Website: www.amtitle.com

Denny Anstine
Anstine Drywall Inc
2215 E Waterloo Rd #406, Akron
Phone: 3307843867

Keith Nutter
Aqua Ohio Inc
870 Third Street NW, Massillon
Phone: 3308334156

Bryan Ashman
Ashman, Bryan
1884 Summerchase Rd NE, Canton
Phone: 3307051615

Mike Furcolow
PO Box 6910, Canton
Phone: 3304386390

Patrick Hoch
B - Lee Electric Co
1410 2nd St SW, Canton
Phone: 3304560053

Matt Bachtel
Bachtel Excavating Inc
4113 Millennium Blvd SE, Massillon
Phone: 3308324300

Jeanne Lovejoy
Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design
3602 S. Arlington Rd, Akron
Phone: 3308964141

Fran Mucci
Beacon Title Agency Inc
4505 Stephen Circle NW, Suite 104, Canton
Phone: 3304923090
Email: fran@beacontitle.com
Website: www.beacontitle.com

Wes Sima
Belden Brick Company
P O Box 20910, Canton
Phone: 3304560031

Brian Berrey
Berand Inc
P O Box 2131, North Canton
Phone: 3304949246

Cynthia Paschke
BL Companies
3755 Boettler Oaks Drive, Suite G, Uniontown
Phone: 2342946343
Website: www.blcompanies.com

Tonya Wilkins
Bluegrass Irrigation & Lighting Inc
4855 Hills and Dales Rd NW, Canton
Phone: 3304928733
Email: bluegrassirr@frontier.com
Website: www.bluegrass-incorporated.com

Bob Pireu
Bob & Pete's Floors Inc
4713 Tuscarawas St W, Canton
Phone: 3304780576

Guy Bolon
Bolon's Custom Kitchens
6287 Promler Ave NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304990092

Brian Bontrager
Bontrager Excavating Ltd
11087 Cleveland Ave NW, Uniontown
Phone: 3304998775

Joy Plumley
Brahler's Cleaning & Restoration Inc
1929 9th Street SW, Massillon
Phone: 3308340008
Website: www.brahlersstop.com

Alex J. McCallion
Brennan, Manna & Diamond, LLC
75 East Market Street, Akron
Phone: 3302535060

Cindy Bugh
Bugh Vinyl Products Inc
8933 Cleveland Ave NW, North Canton
Phone: 3303050980
Website: www.bughvinyl.com

Marty Ortman
Canton Aluminum & Vinyl
1330 E Tuscarawas Street, Canton
Phone: 3304560021
Email: info@cantonaluminum.com
Website: www.cantonaluminum.com

Tim Maloney
Canton Chair Rental
4850 Southway Street SW, Canton
Phone: 3304777719

Anthony Piatko
Canton Cut Stone
6570 Promway Ave NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304568408
Website: www.cantontile-stone.com

Bill Wagner
Cardinal Glass & Mirror
1857 Whipple Ave NW, Canton
Phone: 3304780075

Bob Nicoll
5500 Glendon Court, Ste 300, Dublin
Phone: 8008373200

Doug Carpenter
Carpenter Heating & Cooling
946 Cookson Ave SE, New Philadelphia
Phone: 3303088550

Larry Crookston
CC Supply Company
250 S Van Buren Ave, Barberton
Phone: 3307537718
Email: larry@ccsupply.com

Mark Drown
Chemical Bank
24950 Country Club Blvd, Ste. 107, North Olmsted
Phone: 3309884937
Website: www.chemicalbank.com

Keith Dylewski
CIVPRO Engineering LLC
4450 Belden Village St NW, Suite 800, Canton
Phone: 3302683734
Website: www.civproengineering.com

Vince DePasquale
Classico Landscapes Inc
5805 Stark Rd NE, Louisville
Phone: 3308750797

Don McAlister
Clem Lumber & Distributing Co
PO Box 2238, Alliance
Phone: 3308212130

Greg Blasiman
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
4505 Stephen Circle NW, Suite 200, Canton
Phone: 3304972000
Email: greg.blasiman@CLAconnect.com
Website: www.CLAconnect.com

Rick Marino
Cobra Roll-Off Service
2154 Bolivar Rd SW, Canton
Phone: 3304842113

Laurie Corbit
Consumers National Bank
614 East Lincoln Way, Minerva
Phone: 3304956193
Website: www.consumersbank.com

Scott Seifert
Crown Group
PO Box 1017, Uniontown
Phone: 3304994988

Nate Woods
Culligan Water
4810 Southway St SW, Suite E, Canton
Phone: 3303245129

Lee Neal
Custom Fireplace Shop Inc
5537 Whipple Ave NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304997341
Email: customfireplaceoffice@gmail.com
Website: www.customfireplaceshop.us

Lori & Mike Halter
Custom Quality Millwork
2918 Mathias Raceway Rd SW, New Philadelphia
Phone: 3303402856

Jim Camp
Cutler Real Estate
4618 Dressler Rd NW, Canton
Phone: 3304927230
Email: jcamp@cutlerhomes.com
Website: www.CutlerHomes.com

Jason Meeks
D & A Plumbing & Heating Inc
PO Box 1017, Uniontown
Phone: 3304998733

Jen Fawver
Dan's Wholesale Carpet & Flooring
4433 Whipple Ave NW, Canton
Phone: 3307546122
Website: www.danswholesalecarpetandflooring.com

Wilma Overholt
David Overholt Masonry Inc
8945 Bayard Rd, Minerva
Phone: 3308684759

Sally Davidson
Davidson Water Well Drilling
3160 Beechwood Ave, Allliance
Phone: 3308238168

Dan DeHoff
DeHoff Development Co.
821 S Main Street, North Canton
Phone: 3304998153
Website: www.dehoffdevelopment.com

Pete Gory
Discount Drainage Supplies
2600 S Arlington Road, Akron
Phone: 3306440114

David Mathena
DKC - Donovan, Klimczak & Co
4565 Dressler Rd NW, Suite 106, Canton
Phone: 3304930511
Website: www.dkc-cpa.com

Mike Brenner
Dollar Bank
121 S. Cleveland Ave., 7th Floor, Canton
Phone: 3305805788

Brandon Mantel
Donamarc Water Systems Co
569 E Turkeyfoot Lake Rd, Akron
Phone: 3308964949

Caleb Palmer
Dry Space LLC
1414 5th St NE, Canton
Phone: 3304783021

Reggie Stoltzfus
Dutchcraft Truss & Component Inc
2212 Fox Ave SE, Minerva
Phone: 3308622220

Dan Dutcher
Dutcher Door Company Inc
1233 Sunnyside St, Hartville
Phone: 3308776114

Kevin Miller
Eco-Seal Home Solutions
4535 Twp Rd 367, Millersburg
Phone: 3308937325
Website: www.ecosealsolutions.com

Jon Beck
PO Box 621, Bath
Phone: 3302568978
Website: www.edenscapeohio.com

Beau Woodward
Farmers National Bank
4518 Fulton Dr NW, Suite 100, Canton
Phone: 3305267284
Website: www.farmersbankgroup.com

Robert Bennett
Farsight Management Inc
6790 Middle Run Rd, Dover
Phone: 3306028338
Website: www.usefarsight.com

Mike Fisher
Ferrall Pools & Spas
2500 Heidleberg Avenue SE, Massillon
Phone: 3304999906
Email: mikefisher@ferrallpools.com
Website: www.ferrallpoolsandspas.com

Ronda Egert
First Commonwealth Mortgage
5594 Wales Ave NW, Massillon
Phone: 3303232109
Email: REgert@fcbanking.com
Website: www.fcbanking.com/mortgage

Angela Burns
Fleetcor Technologies Inc
5445 Triangle Parkway, Suite 400, Peachtree Corners
Phone: 8008779019
Website: www.fleetcor.com

Ryan Kramanak
Frank Kramanak and Sons LLC
3694 Troon Dr, Uniontown
Phone: 3306990227
Email: ryankramanak@gmail.com
Website: www.kramanakandsons.com

James Franks
Franks Excavating
4821 Dueber Ave SW, Canton
Phone: 3304845402

John Miller
Frontier Landscaping LLC
5100 Zuercher Rd, Dalton
Phone: 3304732437

Paul Monaco
Furbay Electric Supply Co
208 Schroyer Ave SW, Canton
Phone: 3304543033

Michael O'Hara
Galehouse Lumber Company, Inc
12667 Portage St. PO Box 267, Doylestown
Phone: 3306582023
Website: www.galehouselumber.com

John Walsh
GBC Design, Inc.
565 White Pond Drive, Akron
Phone: 3308360228

Rod Strata
GDK & Company
5771 Mayfair Rd NW, North Canton
Phone: 3309665577
Email: chylece@gdkandco.com
Website: www.gdkandco.com

Jerry Geib
Geib Surveying, LLC
1876 Wendover Cir NE, North Canton
Phone: 3307051616

Frank Vottero
Gerber Lumber
4918 Kidron Road, Kidron
Phone: 3308572021
Website: www.gerberlumber.com

Luke Grabill
Grabill Plumbing & Heating Inc
10235 Manchester Ave SW, Beach City
Phone: 3307562075

Lynda Grisez-Pwarck
Graphic Enterprises
3874 Highland Park NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304913348

Norm Clark
Graydian Technologies + Design
4450 Belden Village St SW, Ste 807, Canton
Phone: 3304977900

Angela Justice
Grow Your Profit LLC
4947 Tioga St NW, Canton
Phone: 3309048846
Website: www.growyourprofit.net

Michael Gruber
Gruber, Thomas & Company
6370 Mt. Pleasant St NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304972886

Sarah Busch
H-P Products Inc/Vacuflo
512 West Gorgas, Louisville
Phone: 3308755556

Jim Haas
Haas Heating and Cooling LLC
5804 Pigeon Run Rd SW, Navarre
Phone: 3308449303
Website: www.haasheatingandcooling.com

Amy & Gary Haidet
Haidets Painting & Powerwashing
PO Box 7225, Canton
Phone: 3302841133

Ted Hake
Hake Custom Design LLC
3527 Whipple Ave NW, Canton
Phone: 2344103764

Jennifer Schumacher
Hammontree & Associates, Ltd
5233 Stoneham Rd, North Canton
Phone: 3304998817
Email: jschumacher@hammontree-engineers.com
Website: www.hammontree-engineers.com

Patrick Lauber
Harrison Paint Company
1329 Harrison Ave. SW, Canton
Phone: 3304555120
Email: sales@harrisonpaint.com
Website: www.harrisonpaint.com

Scott Sommers
Hartville Hardware & Building Center
1315 Edison Street NW, Hartville
Phone: 3308773631

Brad Hayes
Hayes Realty Inc
4368 Dressler Rd NW #104, Canton
Phone: 3304937700

c/o Jeff Ford
Henry Heating & Cooling
2370 State Route 516 NW, Dover
Phone: 3303645571
Website: www.henryheating.com

Paul Geiger
Heritage Carpet & Flooring
1440 N Main St, North Canton
Phone: 3304971280
Email: pgeiger@heritage-carpet.com
Website: www.heritage-carpet.com

Steve Miller
Holmes Lumber
1532 Perry Dr SW, Canton
Phone: 3304798314
Website: www.holmeslumber.com

Conrad Neuenschwander
Home Appliance Company
406 North Erie Street, Massillon
Phone: 3308325523

Scott R. Beck
Home Savings
6141 Whipple Ave NW, North Canton
Phone: 3302442993

Mary Hosner Lucius
Hosner Carpet One Floor & Home
4925 West Tuscarawas St, Canton
Phone: 3304772231
Email: mhosner@thehcico.com
Website: www.hosnercarpetone.com

Linda Rogers
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services
6722 Wales Ave NW, Massillon
Phone: 3308300969

Dottie Beck
Huntington Bank
4481 Munson St NW, Canton
Phone: 3302584445

Adam Brosnahan
Huth Ready Mix & Supply Co.
PO Box 524, Massillon
Phone: 3308334191

Brooke Guiley
Ichor Restaurant Group
5757 Mayfair Rd, North Canton
Phone: 3304956202

Jeff Wallick
Jeff Wallick LLC
500 E 7th Street, Dover
Phone: 3303436160

Christy Bates
Johannings Inc
3244 S Nickelplate, Louisville
Phone: 3308751706

Jeff Seifert
JTS Flooring LLC
520 Hamilton Ave NE, Massillon
Phone: 3302242492

Duke Kanam
K-Carpet Co
4611 Everhard Rd NW, Canton
Phone: 3304921906
Email: k-carpet@att.net
Website: www.kcarpetcompany.com

Keith Bradley
Keith & Kim Bradley Enterprises LLC
1481 Ivy Street NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304947831

Gerry Helline
Kimble Recycling & Disposal Inc
PO Box 448, Dover
Phone: 3303435665
Website: www.kimblecompanies.com

Lindsey Chapp
Kline Home Exteriors
8886 County Road 186, Dundee
Phone: 3306012749
Website: www.klinehomeexteriors.com

Robert Kohler
Kohler Garage Door Co Inc
6740 Corrine Drive NW, Canton
Phone: 3309042731

Wayne Boyer
Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty Co LPA
4775 Munson St NW, Canton
Phone: 3304970700
Website: www.kwgd.com

Karen Grove
Lafayette Forest Nursery
10981 Lafayette Dr NW, Canal Fulton
Phone: 3304131468

Fred Reikowsky
Legacy Business Leaders
11441 Glenpark Rd. NE, Bolivar
Phone: 3304701300
Website: www.LegacyBizLeaders.com

Roger Oliver
Lore Construction LLC
7824 Elson St SE, Waynesburg
Phone: 3304957986

Tom Rafferty
Lumen Nation
4242 Portage St NW, North Canton
Phone: 2343470109
Website: www.lumen-nation.com

Gust Malavite
Malavite Excavating Inc.
5508 Ridge Ave SW, East Sparta
Phone: 3304841274

Dave Cundiff
2718 Brecksville Rd, Richfield
Phone: 3306593333

Doug Shymske
Mason Structural Steel LLC
7500 Northfield Road, Walton Hills
Phone: 8006861223
Email: dougs@masonsteel.com
Website: www.masonsteel.com

Dave Mathie
Mathie Supply Inc
4215 Portage Street NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304992575
Email: mathiesupply@neo.rr.com
Website: www.mathiesupply.com

Jan McInturf
McInturf Realty
1110 Tuscarawas Ave NW, New Philadelphia
Phone: 3303646648
Website: www.mcinturfrealty.net

Janice Rich
McKinley Title Agency Inc
2732 Fulton Drive NW, Canton
Phone: 3304978883
Email: jrich@mckinley-title.com
Website: www.mckinley-title.com

Elizabeth Kwolek
PO Box 1000, Massillon
Phone: 3308302842

Merlin Troyer
Mersa Landscaping & Design LLC
7530 Township Road 362, Millersburg
Phone: 3304648569

Jim Mihalik
Mihalik Construction
1260 Applegrove St NE, Canton
Phone: 3304992077

Ron Miller Jr
Miller & Co. Sanitation Services Inc
2400 Shepler Church Ave SW, Canton
Phone: 3304539472
Email: pclark@millerandcompanysvcs.com
Website: www.millerandcompanysvcs.com

Mark Miller
Miller's Seamless Spouting
11205 Ragersville Rd SW, Baltic
Phone: 3308972410

Bob Ickes
Miller, O D Electric Company Inc
1115 W Main St, Louisville
Phone: 3308751651
Email: odmillerelectric@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.odmillerelectric.com

Bob Tillis
Modern Builders Supply
400 Cherry Avenue NE, Canton
Phone: 3304537674

Jeffrey Peck
Mohler Lumber & Building Materials
4214 Portage Street NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304995461
Email: info@mohlerlumber.com
Website: www.mohlerlumber.com

C.R. Morris
Morris Flooring and Design
6335 Whipple Ave NW, North Canton
Phone: 3305266267

Steve Rohrs
Mt. Hope Fence
7102 County Road 77, Millersburg
Phone: 3306744418

Curtis Minor
Naturescapes Design LLC
5852 East Blvd NW, Canton
Phone: 3309361998

David Gerdeman
North Point Engineering
6657 Frank Ave NW Suite 200, North Canton
Phone: 3304948888

Richard Zwick
Northeastern Pools & Spas
9205 Columbus Rd NE, Louisville
Phone: 3303531824

Kris Young
Olde Wood Ltd
7557 Willowdale Rd, Magnolia
Phone: 3308661441
Website: www.oldewoodltd.com

Dan Brown
31100 Solon Road, Suite G, Solon
Phone: 8007631363
Website: www.partnersenv.com

Jeff Boccuti
Patriot Title Agency, Inc.
4140 Holiday St. NW, Canton
Phone: 3304958116

Rebekah Edwards
Pella Windows and Doors
2965 W Market St, Akron
Phone: 3308365548

Caleb Palmer
Pioneer Basement Solutions
4221 16th St SW, Canton
Phone: 3304548066
Website: www.pioneerbasementsolutions.com

Mike Postiy
Postiy's Landscaping
1649 Noel St, Louisville
Phone: 3303241752
Website: www.mikeslawncare.biz

Rob Fiesler
Prestige Plumbing LLC
PO Box 159, Dalton
Phone: 3308288888
Website: www.prestige.plumbing

Jim Schuckert
Pride Heating & Cooling, Inc.
5953 Westover Circle, Canal Fulton
Phone: 3308540054

Craig Sanders
Progressive Auto Group
PO Box 997, Massillon
Phone: 3308338564

Joanna James
Project Rebuild Inc
406 Shorb Ave NW, Canton
Phone: 3305883205

Bob Todd
Prosource Of Canton
305 Shroyer Ave SW, Canton
Phone: 3304527360

Daniel McKimm
ProTech Security Inc
7026 Sunset Strip Ave NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304993555
Website: www.protechsecurity.com

Brad Richardson
R G Drage Career Technical Center
2800 Richville Drive SE, Massillon
Phone: 3308329856

Paul Middlecoop
R-TEK Insulation Inc.
P O Box 347, Barberton
Phone: 3307538394

Tim Ramsburg
Ramsburg Insurance Agency Inc
PO Box 907, Uniontown
Phone: 3306992223
Email: tramsburg@ramsburginsurance.com
Website: www.ramsburginsurance.com

Mark "Service" Esber
RE/MAX Crossroads
4522 Fulton Dr NW, Canton
Phone: 3307045044
Email: markserviceesber@gmail.com

Debbie Ferrante
RE/MAX Edge Realty
6929 Portage St NW, North Canton
Phone: 3302365100
Email: dferrante@remax.net
Website: www.homesaroundohio.com

Terri Teitel
Refrigeration Sales Corp
9450 Allen Drive, Suite A, Valley View
Phone: 3308022083

George Trappe
Residential Energy Services Co Ltd
2049 Marshfield Blvd, Westlake
Phone: 4408355735
Email: info@residentialenergyservices.com
Website: www.residentialenergyservices.com

Kevin Rice
Rice's Nursery and Landscaping Inc
1651 55th Street NE, North Canton
Phone: 3304999857

Richard D. Anderson
Richard D. Anderson CPA
114 32nd St NE, Canton
Phone: 3304928114

Robert V. Buonaspina
Robert V. Buonaspina, Inc.
821 S Main St, North Canton
Phone: 3304949391

Kurt Keller
Robertson Kitchen and Bath Gallery
2155 W Main St, PO Box 2448, Alliance
Phone: 3308219180
Website: www.robertsonkitchenandbath.com

Taylor Pugh
Rural 1st
1844 W. State St., Suite B, Alliance
Phone: 3302061398
Website: www.rural1st.com

Tim Russo
Russo Concrete LLC
706 37th Street NW, Canton
Phone: 3304921446

Martin Van Gundy IV
146 North Main Street, North Canton
Phone: 2163873211
Email: mvangundyIV@safebuilt.com
Website: www.safebuilt.com

Pat Dechellis
Schory & Son Builders Supplies
5177 Louisville Street, Louisville
Phone: 3304568369

Doug Dentler
Scotsbury Builders Group LLC
2824 Marsh Ave NW, Canton
Phone: 3304952434

Jim Sturznickel Sr
Securi-Com of Canton
8762 Cleveland Ave NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304974001

Brian P. Reese
Sentry Security Inc.
4720 Everhard Rd NW, Canton
Phone: 3304989040
Email: info@sentrysecurityinc.com
Website: www.sentrysecurityinc.com

William Day
Shadow Ridge LLC
4050 Whipple Ave, Canton
Phone: 3302844465

Robert E. Soles Jr.
Soles Law Offices
6545 Market Ave N, North Canton
Phone: 3302448000
Website: www.soleslaw.com

Preston Clark
SplashScapes LLC
8885 Fromes Ave NE, Canton
Phone: 3306052913
Website: www.splashscapes.net

Jocelyn S. Lombardi
Spoken Words Production Inc
1249 Lauren Crest St SW, Hartville
Phone: 3305517153

Jerry Raber
Spray Foam Solutions
PO Box 502, Dalton
Phone: 3308281977
Website: www.sprayfoamsolutions.com

Lisa Yelichek
Stark County Association of Realtors
7110 Whipple Ave NW, Suite B, North Canton
Phone: 3304945630
Email: lyelichek@starkrealtors.com
Website: www.starkrealtors.com

Robert Fonte
Stark County Park District
5300 Tyner Street NW, Canton
Phone: 3304773552

Javan Yoder
Stark Truss Company Inc
4933 Southway Street SW, Canton
Phone: 3304782100
Email: doug.saunier@starktruss.com
Website: www.starktruss.com

Steve Wern
Steve Wern Signs Inc
6350-A Promler Ave NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304979470

John Stocker
Stocker Development
537 Frys Valley Road SE, Gnadenhutten
Phone: 7402544083

John Newlon
Strata Granite & Marble
7239 Whipple Ave NW, North Canton
Phone: 3302449320

David Showers
Strausser Investment Co LLC
9839 Strausser St NW, Canal Fulton
Phone: 3308544265

Merv Kline
Sugarcreek Concrete Finishers Inc
4215 CR 168, Millersburg
Phone: 3308932059

Chad Simpson
Sugarcreek Heating & Cooling
PO Box 455, Sugarcreek
Phone: 3308522313

Dan Magee
Superior Walls by Collier Foundation
1500 Ellsworth Ave, Suite 210, Heidelberg
Phone: 8147202340
Website: www.superiorwallspa.com

Joe Hershberger
Swiss Valley Fence
2411 State Route 39, Sugarcreek
Phone: 3308524460

Gary Yoder
Swiss Village Concrete, Ltd
11162 Johnsford Road SW, Beach City
Phone: 3307565018

Theresa Taylor
The Apple Creek Banking Co
PO Box 621, 2414 Locust St S, Canal Fulton
Phone: 3306983005

Dave Dolan
The Commercial & Savings Bank
1210 North Main Street, North Canton
Phone: 3307632833

Rick Studer
The Ohio Drilling Company
2405 Bostic Blvd SW, Massillon
Phone: 8008602285

Jim Porter
The Repository
500 Market Ave South, Canton
Phone: 3305808408

Todd Pugh
Todd's Enviroscapes Inc.
7727 Paris Ave, Louisville
Phone: 3308750768
Email: info@growinggood.com
Website: www.growinggood.com

Peter Martin
Tower Industries, Ltd
2101 Ninth St SW, Massillon
Phone: 3308372216

Jake Raber
Trademark Exteriors LLC
5377 County Road 626, Millersburg
Phone: 3308930000

Tommy Wireman
Tremco Barrier Solutions
6402 E. Main St, Suite 201, Reynoldsburg
Phone: 6143785676
Website: www.tremcobarriersolutions.com

Mark Estrada
Unified Insulation Systems LLC
1920 S Main Street, Akron
Phone: 3307737377

Bill Damm
US Bank
123 N. Reed Avenue, Malvern
Phone: 7272603559
Website: www.usbank.com

Tom Dowd
Vacuflo of Ohio
6594 Greenfield Circle NW, North Canton
Phone: 3304949202
Website: www.vacufloofohio.com

JJ Fortner
Valley Truck Centers
5715 Canal Rd, Cleveland
Phone: 8005332400

Michael Zelle
Viking Glass Station
815 East Maple St, North Canton
Phone: 3304994573

Vince Russo
Vince Russo Concrete LLC
5166 Quail Hill St NW, N Canton
Phone: 3309669410

Mark Violand
Violand Flooring Inspections Inc
1526 Canyon St NE, Uniontown
Phone: 3308072255
Email: mark@mark4floors.com
Website: www.mark4floors.com

Eric Wallace
Wallace Drywall LLC
1203 Wertz Ave NW, Canton
Phone: 3302683745

Bob Habeger
Wayne Garage Door
PO Box 98, Dover
Phone: 3303436679
Website: www.waynedoor.com

Don Peterson III
393 Smyth Ave NE PO Box 2356, Alliance
Phone: 3304509250

Howard Wenger
Wenger Excavating Inc.
PO Box 499, Dalton
Phone: 3308374767

Chris Seeley
Westfield Bank
4809 Dressler Rd NW, Canton
Phone: 3304935145

Larry Wade
Wood Floors Unlimited Inc
121 Royal Crest Drive, Seville
Phone: 3305673647
Website: www.woodfloorsunlimited.com

Andy Eicher
Wood With A Past LLC
889 West Maple St, Hartville
Phone: 3308068189
Website: www.woodwithapast.com

Ivan Wengerd
Wrought Designs LLC
16614 Jericho Rd, Dalton
Phone: 3308572430

Craig Godwin
Zoned Comfort Heating & Cooling
2531 Clarendon Ave NW, Canton
Phone: 3304542596
Website: www.zonedcomfort.com